KSSN is Making Headlines!  

Passing it down: Leaders under 30 envision the future of youth in Grand Rapids
Rapid Growth Media - December 2017

'I Get How Hard It Is': Personal Challenges Inform Coordinator’s Aid to Families
School News Network - September 2017

Team Targets 'Anything That Might Impede Education' 
School News Network - September 2017

Students Learn from the Fruits of their Labors
September 2017

Turning barber chair into therapist’s couch; Godwin Heights High School creates barbershop
Fox 17 - June 2017

For Immigrant Families, ‘There’s a Lot of Fear’
School News Network - June 2017

Report: Are We Caring For Our Children? Not Well Enough
School News Network - April 2017

Parents become students to help their kids succeed in Grand Rapids
Detroit Free Press - December 2016

Community School Model Expanding to Nine Buildings
mLive - August 2016

Biz Mentors Score Big With Students
School News Network - May 2016

Water Donation: 'Anyone Can Make a Difference'
School News Network - January 2016

Social, Medical Services Extend to Schools, Homes
School News Network - January 2016

State program modeled after Kent County expands to help more students stay in school
mLive - August 2015

Grand Rapids Gets Behind Getting Kids to School 
School News Network - May 2015 

Community Partnerships Make Big Things Possible for Elementary School 
School News Network - May 2015 

State Poverty Numbers Grim, but Local Student Advocates See Signs of Hope 
School News Network - May 2015