Alison Corso

September 2014 KSSN Spotlight

Alison School 
Alison Corso is the Community School Coordinator at Valleywood Middle  School in Kentwood, and she has been with KSSN since August 2013.  She says Valleywood is a special school because of its family feel, with  a welcoming, supportive, and encouraging staff. They went above and  beyond to make her feel like part of the team. Alison likes being a  community school coordinator because in addition to working with  students and staff at the school, she also gets to work with community  partners—no two days are the same. 

To explain how she knows KSSN is making a difference, Alison points to one of her students, whose glasses she helped get repaired.  After that appointment, the student continued to visit her to talk about struggles and victories he faced throughout the year.  “My goal was always to make my office feel like a safe zone for him, a place he knew he would be heard and respected.”  Her efforts were successful.  At the end of the year, this student was required to write a thank-you note to a staff member for his English class.  “He chose me and told me I was like a second mom to him and that our talks helped him control his anger and stay out of trouble. I was so touched by his words.”  Alison believes that if he had not come for help with his glasses, she would not have been able to build a deeper relationship with him.  “It’s a wonderful thing to know KSSN is helping meet immediate physical needs, and greater that it makes a lasting impact on people holistically.”

Outside of work, Alison is always on the go.  She runs long distance, and is currently training for her first marathon.  She loves to travel, and spent six weeks serving and learning in Africa this summer.  Alison is involved in her church, and serves on the worship team.  She also loves music and teaches violin.  Other KSSN staff members describe her as adventurous, high-spirited, and passionate about her work.  We’re so glad to have her on the KSSN team—thanks for all that you do, Alison!