Our evaluation has shown significant changes in many areas since KSSN started its work in Kent County schools, including attendance.

In addition, KSSN is being used as a model for a state-wide initiative called Pathways to Potential.  

Academic Achievement

The supports KSSN provides seem to be associated with positive academic outcomes. Michigan’s statewide assessment, the Michigan Educational Assessment Program or MEAP, is administered yearly to all students in grades 3 – 9. Results from the KSSN pilot evaluation showed KSSN schools continuing to make AYP and exhibiting steady improvements on their MEAP math and reading test scores. 

Mental Health Access

One of the original intents of KSSN’s collaboration with the Community Family Partnership was to increase services to African-American and Hispanic and Latino families that network180 was unable to reach effectively. By partnering with KSSN schools, network180 and the site team clinicians were able to access an entirely new client base. Over the past four years, clinicians have served 2,327 unique students. These students’ demographics closely match those of the students in KSSN schools as a whole. This indicates that, due in part to this community school partnership, mental health services are reaching populations that formerly had been inaccessible.

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