• Juan Arangure

    Juan Arangure is the community school coordinator at West Elementary. Contact JP at 616-530-7533, x4673.

  • Meghan Aupperlee

    Meghan Aupperlee is the community school coordinator for the student programs at the Kent ISD. She has worked in the social work field in a variety of capacities, including group facilitation for after-school programming, substance abuse prevention, and prevention program administration. Contact Meghan at 616-447-2413.

  • Duane Bacchus

    Duane Bacchus is the community school coordinator at Lee High School and East Lee Campus. Prior to coming to KSSN, he had worked in the nursing field, and has filled many roles in education, including intervention specialist, reading tutor, and English teacher to the migrant worker population. Contact Duane at 616-452-3296, x7323.

  • Cinda Birely

    Cinda Birely is the community school coordinator at Appleview Elementary. Previously, she worked as a Behavior Interventionist with elementary-aged students. She also has experience working in foster care and as an adult mental health case manager. Contact Cinda at 616-887-1743, x4217.

  • Jessica Bradley

    Jessica Bradley is the community school coordinator at East Kentwood High School. She recently graduated with her MSW from GVSU, where she aided in the development of the PALS program. She was a Graduate Assistant at Lighthouse Academy, and is a certified Youth Mental Health First Aid trainer. Contact Jessica at 616-698-6700, x42258.

  • Shatawn Brigham

    Shatawn Brigham is the community school coordinator at Glenwood Elementary and Townline Elementary. He has worked in the field of education for close to 20 years, along with residential and foster care, and has a Master's Degree in Education Leadership. Contact Shatawn at Glenwood at 616-365-2379, x123, or at Townline at 616-365-2379, x456.

  • Amanda Burrell

    Amanda Burrell, LLMSW, is the community school coordinator at Cedar Springs Middle School. Contact Amanda at 616-696-9100, x6278.

  • Abby Clayton

    Abby Clayton is the community school coordinator at Coit Creative Arts Academy. For the past six years, she has worked with public schools as academic support, behavioral interventionist, student advocate, and volunteer coordinator. Contact Abby at 616-254-6907.

  • Teresa Dood

    Teresa Dood is the community school coordinator at Parkview Elementary. She has spent many years in youth development and education, including teaching high school math, youth and children's ministries, and after-school programming. Contact Teresa at 616-530-7572, x4706.

  • Bianca Edwards

    Bianca Edwards is the community school coordinator at Godfrey-Lee Early Childhood Center. She has worked various jobs at Tall Turf Ministries and recently graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Calvin College. Contact Bianca at 616-452-8703, x1324.

  • Amber Fox

    Amber Fox is the Director of Integrated Supports and Team Lead for KSSN. Over the last 25 years, she has worked in social work, education, out-of-school time programming, parent engagement, and program development. She is also a certified Youth Mental Health First Aid trainer. Contact Amber at 616-447-2446.

  • Marie Geiken-Pérez

    Marie Geiken-Pérez is the community school coordinator at Lee Middle School. She previously spent six years teaching ESL and middle- and high-school language arts in the Dominican Republic. Contact Marie at 616-452-3296, x3306.

  • Kelsey Gruber

    Kelsey Gruber is the community school coordinator at Godwin Heights High School. She has worked in non-profit and community development for over eight years, using her bilingual abilities as a way to empower and advocate for the communities she serves. Contact Kelsey at 616-2050, x2325.  

  • Sydney Hanlon

    Sydney Hanlon is the community school coordinator at Gladiola Elementary. Prior to working with KSSN, she completed her MSW degree at Wayne State University and has worked in various non-profit organizations throughout Detroit. Contact Sydney at 616-243-0533, x2325.

  • Krystle Hunter

    Krystle Hunter is the community school coordinator at East Kentwood Freshman Campus. Contact Krystle at 616-698-9292, x41408.

  • Candy Isabel

    Candy Isabel is the community school coordinator at Southwest Community Campus. She has extensive experience working with families and children in need, and recently completed her M.A in Family Life Education. Contact Candy at 616-819-7991.

  • Jessica Johnson

    Jessica Johnson is the community school coordinator at Challenger Elementary and Southwood Elementary. She has her MSW degree, and experience working in child welfare and after-school programming. Contact Jessica at Challenger at 616-698-2524, x23218, or at Southwood at 616-455-7230 , x27300. 

  • Zak Knaus

    Zak Knaus is the community school coordinator at Westwood Middle School. Contact Zak at 616-819-5201. 

  • Della Levi

    Della Levi is the community school coordinator at Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy. She has worked in child welfare and substance abuse prevention for over 19 years. Contact Della at 616-819-7736.

  • Stephen Lovell

    Stephen Lovell is the community school coordinator at Alpine Elementary. He has spent time as a teacher in South America, and most recently was a nutrition educator in various elementary schools in the Grand Rapids area. Contact Stephen at 616-784-0884, x5240.

  • Earnestine Mays

    Earnestine Mays is the community school coordinator at Campus Elementary. She has a diverse background, having worked in domestic violence, adoption, and adult and children’s mental health. She has been an advocate, mentor, crisis counselor, case manager, and Child and Family Therapist. Contact Earnestine at 616-819-7823.

  • Kristen Moss

    Kristen Moss is the community school coordinator at Bowen Elementary and Meadowlawn Elementary. She has a passion for youth development, diversity issues, and family and community engagement. She is currently obtaining her MSW degree. Contact Kristen at Bowen at 616-455-5220, x21212, or at Meadowlawn at 616-534-4608, x26129.

  • Claire Mulder

    Claire Mulder is the community school coordinator at Union High School. Contact Claire at 616-819-4883.

  • Margie Muñoz

    Margie Muñoz is the community school coordinator at Godwin Heights Middle School. Prior to joining KSSN, Margie worked as a Direct Care Counselor at the Emergency Shelter, coordinated summer programming through the YWCA, and worked as a Bilingual Teacher Assistant at Sparta High School. Contact Margie at 616-252-2070 x3095.

  • Alma Obande

    Alma Obande is the community school coordinator at César E. Chávez Elementary. She has a B.A. in Criminal Justice from GVSU. Prior to KSSN, Alma worked as a Child Protective Services Investigator, and has experience in office administration, human services, and ministry.  Contact Alma at 616-819-5864.

  • Jose Orozco

    Jose Orozco is the Director of Family Engagement and Team Lead for KSSN. The majority of his professional experience has been working in education, having served as a substitute teacher, elementary teacher, counselor, and assistant principal. Most recently, he has worked in education within the non-profit sector. Contact Jose at 616-447-2485.

  • Carol Paine-McGovern

    Carol Paine-McGovern is the executive director of KSSN. She has worked in public health at the local and state levels, along with working as a policy analyst for the Oklahoma House of Representatives. She started the Healthy Start program in Kent County, and has extensive experience in philanthropy. Contact Carol at 616-447-2480.

  • Lynnae Pickens

    Lynnae Pickens is the community school coordinator at Gerald R. Ford Academic Center. She has worked for Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative as a preschool teacher, and loves being part of the Gerald R. Ford community. Contact Lynnae at 616-819-7581.

  • Courtney Porter

    Courtney Porter is the community school coordinator at Sparta Middle School. She has a social work background with experience in substance abuse and mental health. Previously, she worked as a case manager for a women's reentry program facilitating a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy group. Contact Courtney at 616-887-8211, x2306.

  • Sarah Ramírez

    Sarah Ramírez is the community school coordinator at Stocking Elementary.  Before coming to KSSN, Sarah worked in a high school counseling department, and has worked for several non-profit organizations in Grand Rapids. Contact Sarah at 616-819-3130, x1102.

  • Sonia Riley

    Sonia Riley is the community school coordinator at Dickinson Cultural Center. Contact Sonia at 616-819-2585.

  • Tyler Romero

    Tyler Romero is the community school coordinator at East Elementary and West Elementary. Contact Tyler at East or West at 616-254-6245.

  • Sarah Schantz

    Sarah Schantz is the community school coordinator at North Godwin Elementary. She has worked in various social work and educational capacities, including after-school programming and teaching English abroad. Contact Sarah at 616-252-2006.

  • Noele Stith

    Noele Stith is the community school coordinator at Valleywood Middle School. She has extensive experience in the non-profit sector, and specializes in working in leadership development and equity and inclusion. Contact Noele at 616-538-7670, x34255.

  • Andy Tevlin

    Andrew Tevlin is the community school coordinator at Pinewood Middle School. He has previously worked in various roles for Kentwood Public Schools and Ferris State University. Contact Andrew at 616-455-1224, x33305.

  • Brianna Vasquez de Pereira

    Brianna Vasquez de Pereira is the Operations Manager for KSSN. Previously, she was a Community School Coordinator for six years. Her passion for education and equity grew as a middle and high school teacher for 10 years in the USA and Guatemala. Contact Brianna at 616-365-2379.

  • Zaira Vicario-Begien

    Zaira Vicario-Begien is the community school coordinator at Burton Elementary. Contact Zaira at 616-819-4319.

  • Sarah Weir

    Sarah Weir is the Team Lead for the KSSN coordinators in Kentwood Public Schools. She also serves as the district's McKinney-Vento Coordinator and Parent Engagement Advocate. She has a Master's in school counseling and has been working in the Kentwood district in various roles for over seven years. Contact Sarah at 616-455-4400, x79936

  • Jodi West

    Jodi West is the community school coordinator at Ridgeview Elementary, and is the district supervisor for KSSN coordinators in the Sparta Area Schools district. She previously served as a preschool teacher, a parent educator, and an ESL teacher for adult learners. Contact Jodi at 616-887-8218, x3001.

  • Jennifer Willette

    Jennifer Willette is the community school coordinator at Red Hawk Elementary and New Beginnings High School. Prior to KSSN, Jennifer developed a mentoring program in Cedar Springs Public Schools and was Volunteer Director at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. Contact Jennifer at 616-696-1204, x6295