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Passing it down: Leaders under 30 envision the future of youth in Grand Rapids

While the phrase "youth leader" might bring to mind a distinguished elder with years of wisdom to pass on, these three young leaders offer vital lessons stemming from powerful experiences that inform their daily lives, from opening a pop up shop to sky diving with strangers, and navigating the adoption process. The way in which they connect with youth is clearly strengthened by their youthful spirits and aspirations.

September 29, 2017
'I Get How Hard It Is'
Personal Challenges Inform Coordinator’s Aid to Families

Wyoming Public Schools, MI —  Teresa Dood, Parkview Elementary's Kent School Services Network coordinator, brings an awareness that is deep and real to her job linking families with resources.

September 29, 2017
Team Targets 'Anything That Might Impede Education'
Helping Rural Families Overcome Barriers to Services

Cedar Springs Public Schools, MI —  "I am not that person holding a sign on the busy street corner and I don't sleep under the bridge. But, I am homeless."

Students in rural Kent County schools may never use those words, but community resource coordinators Jennifer Willette and Jodi West likely know who they are.