KSSN Spotlight

KSSN Spotlight is a showcase of one of our dedicated partners or staff members who works tirelessly on behalf of children and families.

June 1, 2018
Kathy Freberg, Chief Clinical Officer for network180

For June, we are shining the brightest of spotlights on Kathy Freberg, longtime KSSN champion and friend. Kathy is retiring today after a long and successful career that includes work in community mental health, foster care, and working with homeless women and children. Throughout her 10 years at network180, she served as Planning Director for Children and Family Services, and most recently held the title of Chief Clinical Officer.

May 1, 2018
Della Marie Levi, community school coordinator at MLK Jr. Leadership Academy

For the month of May, we are shining a bright spotlight on Della Marie Levi, our community school coordinator at Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Academy in the Grand Rapids Public Schools district. 

April 1, 2018
Bill Fetterhoff, superintendent of Godwin Heights Public Schools

For the month of April, we are shining a bright spotlight on Bill Fetterhoff,  Superintendent of Godwin Heights Public Schools. Mr. Fetterhoff, who is completing his seventh year as Godwin Heights’ superintendent, has extensive experience working in education. He began his career as a custodian with Grand Rapids Public Schools in 1979. He has also been a classroom teacher, a principal, director of school services, assistant superintendent, and adjunct professor, all prior to becoming a superintendent! Additionally, he has been a champion of community schools for many years, serving as a trustee for KSSN’s board, and most recently being voted in as our new board president.

March 1, 2018
Rachel Tommy, community school coordinator at Alpine Elementary

For the month of March, we are shining a bright spotlight on Rachel Tommy, our community school coordinator at Alpine Elementary in the Kenowa Hills Public Schools district. Rachel, who has been with KSSN for 2.5 years, loves working at Alpine Elementary and says, “We have the best staff. They are all so dedicated and truly care about their students!” 

February 1, 2018
Duane Bacchus, Community School Coordinator at Godwin Heights High School

For the month of February, we are shining a bright spotlight on Duane Bacchus, our community school coordinator at Godwin Heights High School. Duane, who has been the coordinator at Godwin Heights for 2.5 years, centers his work on improving student attendance.