Community Schools are an evidence-based strategy. When built into school improvement plans, they help schools meet requirements of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act. 


Attendance, which has been a focus of KSSN since the beginning, is critical to student success; if kids are not in school, they cannot learn. 

KSSN is succeeding in improving attendance. The Community Research Institute (CRI) released two updated evaluation reports on KSSN’s attendance work since 2008, comparing KSSN and non-KSSN schools, as well as examining the link between school environment and attendance.  

In 2012, KSSN helped Grand Rapids become one of five communities nationwide to be awarded the Campaign for Grade Level Reading Pacesetter Award for Attendance.

Academic Achievement 

The January 2017 Michigan Department of Education annual top-to-bottom school rankings found three KSSN schools on the Reward list and three KSSN schools removed from the Priority list.

Mental Health Access

Since 2010, when full-time site team clinicians were added to the KSSN schools, there have been significant increases in mental health services to populations historically underserved by network180, which include Hispanic/Latino and African American children and youth.