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June 15, 2022
'There’s still time to get in on free summer activities'
May 11, 2022
‘They can create their own career path’

Kentwood - To a group of ninth-grade girls, attorney Nadia Vann told her story – including the bumps and detours through her career change from teacher to lawyer.

April 11, 2022
Girls for Change helps middle-schoolers feel included

Godwin Heights — Benches near the cafeteria at Godwin Heights Middle School were installed as places where students could relax and talk with friends...

December 17, 2021
Staff brings comfort and joy to students

Godwin Heights — “I need two three/fives and two six/twelves,” shouts Godwin Middle School teacher Patrick Snyder, while in the distance you can hear another teacher ask for “four six/twelves.”

November 1, 2021
Neighborhood tricks and treats

Grand Rapids — Students and staff from Stocking and Sibley Elementary schools enjoyed some neighborhood trick-or-treating on their parade routes Friday...


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