We are a community school initiative

We serve over 40 schools across multiple districts in Kent County. Under the community school model, schools partner with local, state, and non-profit organizations to meet the basic needs of students and their families. Partner organizations provide physical and mental health services, social services, before- and after-school programming for students, and education and leadership opportunities for family members.

With KSSN, these resources are managed at each site by our Community School Coordinators. In addition to Community School Coordinators, many KSSN schools are also staffed with a mental health clinician and MDHHS Success Coach.


Our Objectives are aligned with the four pillars of a community school:

  1. Integrated Student Supports
  2. Expanded and Enriched Learning Time and Opportunities
  3. Collaborative Leadership and Practices
  4. Active Family and Community Engagement

Equitable education that provides exceptional resources and opportunities anchored in hope, encouraging excellence, while striving for the highest achievement for all.

Use the community school strategy to center student and family voice, identify solutions, and advocate for systems change resulting in student success and well-being.


Dr. Keenan King, KSSN Executive Director